Thermal Insulation

Ecoease Thermal Insulation for a Warmer Home

The introduction of thermal insulation into our homes is one of the best ways to ensure that heat loss can be minimised. Windows should be a primary area to focus upon to prevent heat escaping. Single glazed windows in our homes often result in rooms which are difficult and expensive to heat. thermal insulation can stop heat loss In fact, a large proportion of the heat generated literally goes straight out of the window. Our first thought when we need to reduce heat loss is to look into installing double glazing. Whilst this is an efficient solution in many cases, it can be very expensive, disruptive whilst fitting and is not always in keeping with your property. Owners of character homes or listed properties often do not want the appearance of traditional double glazed windows, or cannot get local authority permission for them.
Chart showing heat loss saving through thermal insulation

Information prepared by Glasgow Caledonian University for Historic Scotland

Ecoease uses established double glazing principles along with our unique magnetic sealing system to achieve cost-effective, discreet thermal insulation for existing windows. You may have already fully insulated your home but still have cold rooms and condensation Image shows areas where thermal insulation can cut heat loss   Pie Chart showing heat loss without thermal heating             Research has shown that up to 48% of heat can be lost through windows in a fully insulated home. Ecoease® has a calculated U value of 2.7 using a 20mm gap to the existing single glazing, meaning that you can immediately benefit from cost / energy savings and a warmer environment. The thermal insulation benefits of secondary glazing are widely recognised:
  • Heat transfer is significantly reduced, creating warmer rooms
  • Substantial savings can be made on your heating costs
  • ‘Cold spots’ are reduced providing more comfortable living spaces
Condensation problems are virtually eliminated saving time on morning mop ups and preventing the growth of unhealthy mould and mildew on window frames and curtains.

How does Ecoease work?

The Ecoease glazing system creates and maintains a sealed layer of static air between it and your existing window. Neatly edged, clear PET is fitted to the inside frame of the existing window, and held in place using our magnetic system. This trapped airspace reduces the rate of heat loss, and also acts as a baffle to reduce sound transmission. Please note that this, like any form of secondary glazing, works much better if you draught proof your original windows first. The purpose of the Ecoease glazing system is not to eliminate draughts, this is achieved by the original glass window. Fitting without mess or disruption Replacing windows can be a messy and invasive process involving the removal of window frames, re-fitting of architraves and window furnishings. Lady installing thermal insulationThe Ecoease solution involves the fitting of a discreet second skin to your existing window frames in a way which is so simple you don’t even need DIY skills. Just remove the backing tapes and offer up to your frame. Once in place it can be easily removed and replaced if you wish. You can take it down in the summer and store it (under a bed is the most favoured) but most people just forget it’s there once it is doing its job. If you want to know more about thermal insulation and the benefits that our glazing system for windows can bring then please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page or call or email one our sales advisors to assist you.              

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