How to keep the sounds of the city outside of your home

According to a census carried out in 2014 83% of us now live in urban areas as opposed to rural ones. Living in towns and cities often means a faster paced lifestyle but alongside this there are problems associated with living in urban areas. These include increased traffic with greater risk of injury from accidents, pollution and its negative health effects and noise pollution.

Noise pollution is the term used to describe the harmful effect on humans (and animals) caused by too much outdoor noise. This build-up of noise can be due to cars, buses, trucks, sounds from construction sites, loud music, large gatherings of people and more. Sounds bombard the brain and an inability to switch off the noise can lead to hearing loss and even cardiovascular problems. Anxiety can also be cause by too much noise.   When we enter our own homes we want to be able to turn off this outside din but that is often easier said than done.  Many properties in urban areas have old windows and doors and poor insulation meaning outside noise can still permeate inside your home. A lot of improvements to your property that can help insulate against outside sound can be expensive; new double glazed windows, soundproofing walls and ceilings and so on. If you don’t own the property then you are likely to be reluctant to want to pay money out for something that you may not get the benefit of. If you are a landlord you may decide that you will not recover the additional expenditure of upgrading say your windows and so may not think it worthwhile.   There is however a low cost, simple solution that can have dramatic effects in cutting down external noise. Eco-ease secondary glazing system is an easy to install, highly effective glazing system that fits on top of your existing window profiles. Eco-ease is proven to reduce condensation and external noise and can help reduce heating bills. Here is what some customers have had to say:   Mrs Thomas on Ecoease Secondary Glazing We have just ordered more secondary glazing as we are so pleased with our past purchases, no more condensation, and it softens the traffic noise. We are very cosy as we had our large bay window covered with it. The staff are very friendly and helpful. It is very easy to install, we highly recommend it.   Emily Tellwright on Ecoease Secondary Glazing 'Ecoease secondary glazing has made my home warmer and quieter and almost eliminated the dreaded condensation. It is an ideal solution for someone like me who lives in a rented property and does not have the option of replacement windows, and by far preferable to unattractive, environmentally unfriendly PVC-U windows. I have already recommended it to many friends and will continue to do so!'   Eco-ease can be supplied as a DIY kit that you make up yourself or the panels can be made to measure in the factory and sent to you for easy attachment onto your windows. The website is very informative and you can get prices by filling out their simple online calculator. If you want to discuss your requirements you can call the Customer Service number on 01536 446398.   Noise pollution can have long term health consequences if steps are not taken to reduce its effects, so why not take advantage of this low cost glazing solution and keep your home a quiet haven while the noise stays outside of your home.

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