Financial benefits of Ecoease Secondary Glazing

There are many benefits you can get from investing in Ecoease secondary glazing. Not all of them are obvious so here are a few that you may or may not have considered:
You use less household energy to keep your home warm as less heat escapes and an effective barrier is created against cold air getting in. house-warm
You will get rid of cold spots in rooms allowing you to turn down your thermostat and still feel the benefit.
Less household energy useage = Lower fuel bills. You can save up to 25% off your fuel bills and generally recover the initial outlay in 2 to 3 years. After that its just savings and a warmer home year after year. save-energy
A fraction of the cost of double glazing – can be as little as 15% of the outlay. Helps save the planet too by reducing your carbon footprint. carbon-footprint
NO costly alteration to existing windows or redecorating required.
Made of PET (which remains at room temperature) our windows eliminate almost all household condensation. Saving your windows from the destructive effects of moisture and your curtains and blinds from mould and staining. condensation
The simplest and quickest fitting secondary glazing on the market. You can fit it yourself rather than incur expensive fitting fees.
Our PET glazing is UV stabilised to prevent deterioration in sunlight. This a product that is built to last. The savings go on and on.
Adds instant value to your home by increasing future ratings for Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) which carry ratings that compare the current energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions of your home EPC-ratings

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