Assembly & Fitting Advice for Mitred Corners

Assembly & Fitting Advice for Mitred Corners Leave the protection film on the panels until you are ready to fit them. It will protect the surface from accidental scratches.
Remove blue strip for ease of cutting Remove the steel tape from the back of the edging as it is easier to cut with scissors. This can be cut square it doesn’t require mitring. Cut the PVC magnetic edging strip to size to fit your panels using a mitre block and hacksaw or chop saw. The outside dimension of the strip should be the ORIGINAL dimension that you gave us when you ordered (remember we reduced your panel sizes to allow for the thickness of the strip.)
Cutting the mitre for the corner Peel back the edges of the protection film on both sides of your PET sheet by approximately a couple of inches (5 cm) and fit the pvc edging onto the panel ensuring that the corners meet well. It can be useful to put a tiny drop of superglue onto the corners where they meet as mitres sometimes move. Re-attach the steel tape, which you have cut to the correct length, to the magnetic tape on the back of your edging strips. Butt them up to each other for a continuous seal.
Image of degreasing frames Clean the surfaces around the window frame onto which you will be attaching the panel using methylated spirits or a similar degreaser.
Slowly remove the surface protection film from the side of the sheet with the magnetic tapes. If you do it quickly it creates static and dust will fly to it. If you do create static and dust you can clean the surface using some furniture polish such as Pledge or similar. Use a SOFT damp cloth - microfibre is ideal. The polish will remove the static and the soft, non-abrasive cloth will get rid of the dust. Do NOT use the dry cloth on its own and, NEVER use anything with an abrasive in it to clean your PET panels. Remove the blue adhesive film backing from the steel tape. Under no circumstances put the white steel tape onto the window frame on its own - you will never match up the steel and magnetic tapes perfectly if you do this. Line up the panel against the frame using supports where necessary - or better still - an extra pair of hands! When you are sure you have the panel exactly where you want it, apply light pressure to stick it to the surface of the frame. Now run around the edge applying as much pressure as possible. You can do this simply with your fingers - or use a narrow wallpaper roller. Finally remove the surface protection film from the outside of the sheet. Again we advise that you do this slowly to minimise any static electricity. window

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