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Before and after fitting EcoeaseEcoease secondary glazing – The Basics

Ecoease uses established double glazing principles with our unique PVC edged magnetic sealing system to achieve cost effective acoustic and thermal insulation for existing windows. The insulation benefits of secondary glazing are widely recognised:
  • Heat transfer is significantly reduced, saving money on heating costs
  • Reduces incidence of ‘cold spots’ providing greater home living comfort.
  • Condensation problems are greatly reduced saving time on morning mop ups and preventing the growth of unhealthy mould and mildew on window frames and curtains.
  • Noise from outside can be significantly reduced providing peaceful home living conditions.
Ecoease Secondary Glazing is made from premium quality, UV stabilised PET sheets and high performance plastics. All materials are fully recyclable. How Ecoease works The Ecoease glazing system  maintains a sealed layer of static air inside the original window to improve thermal and acoustic insulation and to eliminate condensation. With Ecoease, PET is fitted to the inside frame of the existing window, and held in place using our magnetic system.This system traps a layer of still air between the pane of glass and the Ecoease Secondary Glazing. This trapped airspace will reduce the rate of heat loss, and also act as a baffle to reduce sound transmission. Why you should install Ecoease secondary glazing instead of double glazing Ecoease can secondary glaze your existing windows for a fraction of the cost when compared with replacement double glazed windows, and will still provide you with the benefits of standard double glazing. It can be as little as 15% of the cost of replacement double glazing. Replacing windows can be a messy and invasive process involving the removal of window frames, re-fitting of architraves and window furnishings. An Ecoease installation involves the fitting of a discreet second skin to your existing window frames. It is easy to install in minutes with absolutely no DIY skills needed. Please note that this, like any form of secondary glazing, works much better if you draught proof your original windows first. The purpose of the Ecoease glazing system is not to eliminate draughts, this is achieved by the original glass window. Why Ecoease as opposed to other Secondary Glazing systems There are many magnetic secondary glazing systems on the market but they are by no means equal in terms of quality or components. You should choose Ecoease for the following reasons:
  • Unique edging system for a far superior finish - the only magnetic system with specially designed PVC edging rather than the magnets sticking straight on to the sheet.
  • Environmentally friendly - Ecoease secondary double glazing is the only secondary glazing system to supply PET clear plastic sheet (Polyethylene terephthalate) the most recyclable plastic on the planet. All other components are completely recyclable. PETg has high optical clarity - beautifully clear and unobtrusive.
  • Custom made & easy to fit - Our Measure to fit panes come out fully made up for you with all magnets already attached so you can simply offer it up to your window - no DIY skills needed.
  • Fire Safety -  fire retardant with a class 1 Fire Rating (unlike acrylic which is class 3.) See here for NASA testing photos showing the comparative flammability of polycarbonate, PETg and Acrylic.
 Ecoease and Older Buildings  Not just a practical solution for insulating standard homes, Ecoease is fantastic for character properties. It gives the benefits of double glazing, without detracting from the beauty of the original windows including insulating stained glass windows. This is particularly applicable to listed buildings where conventional double glazing is restricted. Planning permission is not required for the Ecoease system. We have many happy customers who have used our system in just such applications, from 200 year old cottages to Scottish Castles, from Stately homes to Country Estates. Don't take our word for it, have a look through our customer reviews. Ecoease Secondary Glazing links: More about the three main features that directly benefit you the homeowner:    

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