Installation Instructions for Ecoease Measure to Fit Secondary Glazing panels.

While fitting these panels is remarkably easy, there are a few simple things which can make it even easier. If it’s a large panel a spare pair of hands can help.

  • When your panel arrives, before you remove the protective film, put it against the window to make sure it is the right size.
  • Before fitting, wipe down your window frames with methylated spirits or a similar degreaser. This ensures that your panels will stick properly.
  • Slowly pull off the protective film on the back of the panel only (the side with the tapes on that will go nearest the glass.) If you rip it off quickly you will get static electricity and dust you didn’t know you had will fly to it! Do not remove the film from the outside of the panel (facing the room) at this point.
  • Line up the blue backed tapes with the grooved magnetic tapes again if they have slipped in transit and peel off the blue protective film from them. Do not remove the white steel tape and put it onto your window frame separately – you will not get it to match up. Leave it on and it will match up perfectly.
  • You are now ready to offer up the panel to the window frame.
  • If you have a window ledge use this to balance the panel to allow you to “walk” it up to the window.
  • When the panel is in place, run your thumb over the white edging strip – just to make sure it’s stuck properly.
  • Slowly remove the film from the front of the panel and you are done.

 Its as Eco easy as that!

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