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by Jan B-P on Ecoease Ltd

The double glazing worked very well on a difficult bay window, where there was a lot of condensation causing mold, ruined curtains etc. Since we live in a listed building we couldn't change the window itself, but are allowed to use removable double glazing. Ecoease was a wonderful solution, and the staff were very helpful. It worked perfectly, we are now much warmer, and there is no condensation at all. We are now buying more panels to install on our sash windows.

by Wendy Munro on Ecoease Ltd

Brilliant product. I ordered some a few years ago which have been so successful I have just received another which I fitted with ease. These work very well in my listed cottage and so long as you use the correct saw and follow the instructions for cleaning you will have no problems. The lady who answers the phone is very friendly and helpful. Thank you.

Thanks Wendy! We aim to please!

by sheila peters on Ecoease Ltd

The hardest part was (a) measuring accurately, with several windows of different sizes, and my tendency to think in cm not mm; and (b) giving the windows and surrounds a really thorough clean before enveloping them in PET. Fixing the magnetic tape, and placing the panels on them, was easy (although my large panel, 2m x 1m, needed 2 people to handle and control it as they do flex about, and it subsequently needed some clips to stop it sliding down off the magnetic tape - still easy to fix though).
The reduction in heat loss and increase in cosiness was immediately noticeable, and I have since done away with the previously-vital heavy curtains. Good after sales service too. If you're reading this, I hope your windows are suitable for EcoEase - they are brilliant!

by PAUL LEMON on Ecoease Ltd

Excellent product would recommend it to any one very easy to fit

Thanks Paul. As the old saying goes, it does what it says on the tin!

by JULIAN WORSKETT on Ecoease Ltd

I ordered the panels has a DIY job, told they were a 10 day delivery. Actually, they arrived in 5 days.

It took me about 3 hours to fit four units, including a good scrub with bleach and Mr Muscle of the windows in our 16th century cottage.

The fit was perfect and the job was actually a pleasure. Our log burner now keeps the whole of the ground floor warm. The windows look better and also there is noticeable sound insulation.

I used the stick on corners, cutting the plastic strip with a junior hacksaw, at 88p each they save a lot of stress.

I used some kitchen paper to quickly wipe over the surface of the PET sheet as it tends to attract dust with static.

The lady I spoke to for advice was so helpful, I cannot reccommend this company enough, and such a good product. I will be buying some more in the near future.

Thank you for your kind words. Re the static, I should have told yo that if you remove the protective film slowly that wont happen. Sorry! As a matter of choice - don't use kitchen paper to clean. A microfibre cloth and some warm water is ideal - or would you beleive a microfibre cloth and some kitchen spray. Have a warm winter.

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