Ecoease Measure 2 Fit Secondary Glazing

Ecoease Measure 2 Fit Secondary Glazing System

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Measure 2 Fit secondary glazing is unique in the UK. It comes completely made up and ready to fit perfectly onto your window frames magnetically. It’s as simple as 1-2-3. You give us the sizes of your windows, we manufacture to your sizes and deliver the secondary glazing to you ready to be easily attached to your windows. Only available with white frames.

  • Requires no DIY skills or tools
  • High-quality design – fully edged and finished – not just magnets
  • Simple and quick to install and remove
  • Ideal for old and listed properties
  • Compliments existing windows
  • No mess or fuss

Need tips on how to measure your windows? Read our measuring instructions to the left! If you are not sure about anything give us a call on 01536 446398, we are here to help and advise. Why not order a free sample from us by clicking here


The Ecoease Measure 2 Fit system comes complete with magnetic edging strips and corners, fully assembled ready to fit onto your window frame. Simply enter the dimensions below and we will manufacture the secondary Glazing to fit your windows.

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£110 per square metre

Longest measurement mm
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Window NameYou can add a reference here e.g. Bathroom to help you to identify each window

Get prices for as many windows as you like by adding them to your shopping cart. To add another window your cart click ‘Clear Form’ to enter the new dimensions.  If you want to order simply  click Start Checkout on the right. All prices include VAT and there is Free delivery on all Measure 2 Fit Secondary Glazing orders.

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