Fitting Instructions – DIY

Ordering And Fitting Your Ecoease DIY Secondary Double Glazing

Before fitting your Ecoease panels we recommend sealing any draughts as well as possible. This will ensure that you get the best energy saving results from your secondary Glazing.

Please Note: These instructions apply only to the Ecoease DIY Range!

After unpacking the component parts for your new secondary double glazing panel, complete the following steps to assemble and install the units. The sample sizes given are for demonstration purposes only and should be replaced with the finish sizes of your own panel unit (sample size: 900mm high x 450 mm wide).

  1. Carefully peel back the protective film on all four edges of the panel by approximately 40mm(on both sides of the panel).
  2. Remove the metal strip and store safely to avoid damage. Set the white plastic strip on a suitable work surface e.g.(a work bench) and carefully mark the size for the panel width. Calculate:- 450mm (sample size) Minus 004mm = 446mm. Using an appropriate saw carefully cut two strips to this dimension.
  3. Calculate the length of the edging strips for the remaining sides of the panel. Calculate: 900mm (sample size) Minus 040mm = 860mm. Using an appropriate saw carefully cut two strips to this dimension.
  4. Insert the slotted sides of the plastic strips onto their appropriate edges of the panel.
  5. Gradually position the strips together by pressing the end strips until touching at the four corners of the panel. The ends of the longer strips should align with the inner edges of the short strips. Measure the width of your panel. It should be 4mm less than the finished width. Similarly measure the height and it should be 4mm less than the finished panel size.
  6. When you have achieved the required dimensions for your panel fit the four corner pieces. To do this, remove the protective covering from the adhesive pads. Carefully position the corner on the white plastic side of the unit and press up. Ensure the corners are fitted securely. Measure height and width, inclusive of the corner pieces, and the finish dimension for your panel should be achieved.
  7. Apply the metal strip to the panel by laying it onto the rubber magnetic strip. It is suggested that you begin on the longer lengths first. This allows the joins to be covered. Cut the metal strip using an appropriate set of snips. Once the two longer lengths have been finished carry out the same instructions on the two shorter lengths.
  8. Clean the surfaces around the window frame onto which you will be sticking the magnetic edging using methylated spirits or similar degreaser. Remove the surface protection film from the INSIDE of the panel (the one going closest to your window pane)- do this gently as ripping it off too quickly will create static electricity and dust will fly to the panel. Remove the film from the back of the steel tape which you have magnetically re-attached to your edging strip. Under no circumstances put the white steel tape onto the window frame on its own – you will never match up the steel and magnetic tapes perfectly if you do this. Line up the panel against the frame – an extra pair of hands may be useful at this point, especially if it’s a big panel. When you are sure your panel is exactly where you want it, press onto the window frame applying as much pressure as possible to ensure that the tape sticks well. Finally, remove the surface protection film from the outside of the sheet. Again, do this reasonable slowly to minimize any static electricity, which can attract dust. However, if this does happen, clean the surface with some furniture polish such as pledge or similar using a microfibre cloth. The polish will remove the static and the soft, non-abrasive cloth will get rid of the dust.


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