UK Enters The Green Age is one of a growing number of “green” retail websites focused on satisfying an ever increasing demand from UK households for cost effective, energy efficient products and solutions.

With a clear ethos that supports a well established zeitgeist for ‘greening’ up our homes, one of the founders of, James Alcock, explained their thinking: “We want to help people save energy. That is our number one aim. Read more

Secondary Glazing Delivers Clear Benefits

With winter weather on the way for most of the UK many homeowners are considering measures that reduce their energy bills and make their homes more environmentally friendly.

Secondary glazing systems remain a cost effective alternative for many households with the Ecoease magnetically attached panels, for instance, costing around 15% of a typical double glazing installation without any disruption caused by installation or any detrimental impact on environmental performance. Read more

Magnetic Attraction Delivers Clear Efficiencies

With many experts predicting one of the coldest winters on record the need to insulate homes against draughts and heat loss becomes even more of a priority for UK households.

One of the quickest, cheapest and most environmentally effective ways of increasing domestic energy efficiency is by installing secondary or third glazing panels to the inside of window frames such as those supplied by Ecoease. Read more

Scottish Laird Finds It Ecoeasy!

It’s no easy task draught proofing an 800 year old Scottish castle but incumbent Laird Simon Craufurd believes he’s found a way!

Simon, owner of the the A-Listed Craufurdland Castle, based near Kilmarnock in Ayreshire, took delivery of a number of Ecoease secondary glazing panels in late 2013 and they are already proving their worth and paying their way.

Simon explained: “Draughts were an issue around large windows in several rooms in the castle as well as cottages on the estate but due to the restrictions on installing double glazing in Listed properties, I opted for secondary glazing panels which I installed myself. Read more

Clear Views On Energy Efficiency For Landlords

With landlords now legally obliged to ensure the environmental efficiency of their rented out properties, a growing number are considering cost effective alternatives such as secondary glazing.

With secondary glazing costing around 15% of the typical cost of double glazing, involving no disruption to the tenant whatsoever and delivering reduced energy bills, noise pollution and condensation it’s easy to see why this flexible form of insulation is proving so popular. Read more

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