A Clear Way Of Tackling Energy Price Hikes

With the recent 8.2% price hike announced by SSE expected to be the first of many substantial increases from energy suppliers, the importance of UK households becoming more energy efficient becomes even more of a priority.

One sure fire way of reducing energy bills without breaking the bank is the installation of secondary or third glazing which costs around £900 for an average UK dwelling and can cut up to 20% off quarterly fuel bills as well as eliminating condensation and reducing noise pollution. Read more

Secondary glazing for listed buildings – no planning required!

As UK households prepare for whatever this year’s autumn and winter weather has in store and widely predicted increases in energy costs there’s one clear cost effective way for many to reduce their quarterly bills.

Secondary glazing represents one of the easiest and cheapest ways to insulate a home against the elements and can reduce bills by up to 20% with Ecoease leading the way in providing a solution. Read more

Windows Of Opportunity For UK Households

As Britons look set to brace themselves for another cold winter period there are ways to dramatically reduce spiralling domestic energy bills.

One such way of mitigating against rising gas and electricity bills is by installing secondary or third glazing, an option that can cost a tiny fraction of the cost of double glazing and a solution that can reduce quarter on quarter energy bills by upto 20%.
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Ecoease Gets Profiled on BBC Radio 2!

Listen to an interview with Carlos Dominguez from Ecoease being profiled on BBC Radio 2 on 25 November 2011. Carlos talks about the new Measure 2 Fit range of secondary glazing and the many advantages of choosing Ecoease for your secondary glazing needs …with absolutely no DIY knowledge needed!
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Eco-ease Offers Clear View Of Cheaper Energy Bills

With experts predicting snow in many parts of the UK from October onwards, the chilling prospect of another recession and all of the six big energy suppliers hiking up energy bills it looks like the next few months will be a real trudge for many British households.

Eco-ease secondary glazing is one sure fire way of easing the pain with many reporting up to a 50% reduction in their like-for-like energy bills based on feedbacxk from 50 customers in March 2010. Read more

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